What is the YEBGP?

The YEBGP is a competitive business development program aimed at growing young businesses of selected actors in the Construction Value Chain.

Why is YEBGP competitive?

The outcome of YEBGP measures growth and sustainability of the SMEs through increased visibility, turnover and profit.


YEBGP equips young SMEs to grow and employat leastfive young skilled staff in the chain, towards keeping the African youth economically engaged.  YEBGP’s approach adopts a six- modular customized training and advisory services with access to certified business advisors, coaches and mentors.


This is a partnership between AABN Foundation working with a consortium of partners in Ghana managed by Global Communities with support from MasterCard Foundation with endorsement by the Government of Ghana.




  1. Background and Introduction

Ghana’s youth face one of the lowest unemployment rates globally and the country’s construction sector is proliferating with an estimated accretion of about seven hundred thousand (700,000) new jobs by the year 2020. Only 10 percent of fifteen to seventeen (15-17) year olds are enrolled in Secondary/Technical education; the remaining 90 percent of the youth learn trade through apprenticeship. As a result, there is the need for skills training.

Basic materials used in the construction industry (i.e. wood, cement, stones and roofing sheets) are mostly locally manufactured. The more complex inputs are imported by the industry.

Through an intensive line-up of events, AABN Foundation and Certified Technical Advisors in conjunction with YIEDIE partners, managed by Global Communities and supported by MasterCard foundation will implement and execute the Young Executive Business Growth Program (YEBGP). The YEBGP will directly extend to one thousand two hundred and twenty (1,220) growth-oriented young entrepreneurs and start-ups in the CONSTRUCTION value chain.

  1. Objectives

The main purpose of the YEBGP is to provide Advisory services to 1,220 youth and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) over the next five years with a goal to achieve a success rate of 90 percent as well as attain up to a 40 percent increment in women entrepreneurs. The desired result is intended to provide the beneficiaries with access to local and global opportunities.


  1. Approach

The YEBGP is intended to tackle two disparate categories in the construction sector, namely the Registered Constructpreneurs, who predominantly have technical construction skills but require supplementary assistance to thrive and the Potential Constructpreneurs, who aspire to engage in a construction related vocation but do not possess the technical skills to participate in the construction value chain business.

  1. Training Content

This is a six-module package solely designed for trainees established in Micro Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) with technical construction expertise but require auxiliary support to succeed in the construction value chain. The six modules will consist of the four (4) mandatory courses and any other two (2) programs to be selected by the trainees in accordance with their groups and specific needs.

The essence of the modules is to heighten the experience of the youth through the start-up, growth and sustainability phases. The YEBGP modules are enumerated below:


Compulsory modules

  • Business Plan
  • Executive Coaching
  • Networking
  • ICT Appreciation

Electives/Optional Modules         

  • Business Health Check
  • Business Mentoring
  • Research & Development
  • Business profile
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Access to microfinance
  • Access to Markets and ICT
  • Market Plan
  • Certification
  • Business Concept Note Development
  • Business Ideas Generation
  • Quality Standards
  • Supervision Skills
  1. Graduation and Results

Following the comprehensive training sessions and field activities, trainees will pitch their Business Plans / Ideas to bankers, mentors, coaches and a grand jury. The jury will present their results based on the performance of the trainees. All participants that successfully complete their training are handed certificates in business advisory, start-ups and business management at the end of the YEBGP as part of their graduation. The graduating class is expected to collaborate on a giveback project. They will also be associated with the alumnae, business networks and future networking events.

There will be further activities even after graduation. The graduates will be involved in business progress pitches, one minute business videos on the Art of Graduate as a leader and they’ll have the privilege to request for follow-up services at subsidised fees.


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