The AABN Work Process African Aurora Business Network prides itself in bringing a logical and straightforward process in service delivery to our clients and project beneficiaries. This outline provides an overview of our engagement process.  

  1. Description of the Situation

To gain an understanding of how our clients/beneficiaries perceive its current state, the necessary quantitative and qualitative data are gathered to establish a baseline upon which future performance can then be compared. This is undertaken through structured data gathering tools.   


    2.  Goals

The goals and objectives of our Clients/beneficiaries is the focal point of our engagement. The expectation of our clients/beneficiaries will be presented in two ways:

  • Vision of the future – an explanation of their future state
  • Quantitative and qualitative measures of success and performance


  1. Strategies

After clear communication of the desires and concerns of our clients/beneficiaries, a plan will be constructed to clarify the methods to be used; resources needed and impact on stakeholder groups, including:

  • Development of plans necessary to accomplish the goals
  • Necessary alignments, integrations and linkages
  • Roles and responsibilities of those involved centrally


  1. Deliverables

The tangible products and services to be delivered from our engagements include:

  • Design of strategies, systems and processes
  • Creation of tangible or physical products
  • Implementation of systems, policies and procedures


  1. Evaluation

Finally, AABN urges clients/beneficiaries to measure the effectiveness of the deliverables following the engagement to ensure that clients/beneficiaries have received the value they expected, which might include:

  • Organisational, functional or operational performance measures
  • Individual or group feedback or post-assessments