AABN Story

From humble beginnings , AABN Patrons, Founders,  directors and a few  members Certified Business Advisors led by young Africans  with vast enterprise development experience  committed time, resources  and passion into research and development .  After a decade, a reflection with same group is phenomenal!  The vision has changed the lives of the volunteer member and imparted their families, personality and perspectives and most importantly their careers in business and corporate sector.  The success story here is that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! With persistence and patience,   the vision has grown and impacted over 10,000 persons around the globe, with the biggest impact in Africa! Over 40% of beneficiaries are outside Africa, but have committed to change their careers to support Africa whether in DC, Asia or UK to support a youthful generation of Africans ready to commit same for the business growth and success!  Today the vision of Hope for Businesses in Africa is a reality! Investment is pointing to Africa, is the African Young person ready to seize the opportunities in Africa and partner with others to grow the continent from the Dark Continent to the light continent?  AABN is still in the business of bringing unexplained light to Africa, a day at a time through persistence, passion and the people. No force can stand in the path of the unexplained light!


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