WISE CONNECTIONS International Conference is a flagship programme powered by the  AABN Innovation Centre in collaboration with China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)/WELA and Hadith Media of the Republic of South Africa. Preparing for its  5th edition and International version which seeks to provide an integrated platform for service providers and users.  It will bring together women entrepreneurs, corporate sector leaders,   international leaders in agribusiness to Network, Plan and sharpen skill sets towards business growth . It also provides a platform for service providers to interact with a potential market , test  new products and build an intimate relationships.


As a life long commitment and in line with AABN’s vision, in May, 2013, AABN partnered with Vital Voices Global Partnerships and University of Arkansas (USA), and conducted a research at the Wise Connection launch with over 100 women-owned SMEs in order to understand the business needs of entrepreneurs.  The results of the research indicated among other findings that, over (31%) of women do not belong to any business association.  Also, women who belong to some organizations do not achieve the desired goals for belonging to these organizations due to unfavourable business environment, limited access to support agencies, poor outreach and communication, and limited services that do not address on-going business needs. Since most Ghanaian businesses are categorised as SMEs, it infers that there is an immense opportunity to reach out to more businesses, improve on business services and offer innovative integrated services in partnership with Corporate Ghana .


In July, 2013, AABN won a leadership award from the United States Department of State under the International Visitor Programme for Women and Entrepreneurship Development and was also recognised two times at the Vodafone African Business Leaders Forum . The series of events have   culminated in the establishment of the AABN Innovation Centre which seeks to work with key partners and stakeholders to serve 10,000 growth-oriented women entrepreneurs and partners in Ghana and beyond. This conference therefore will create the enabling platform to identify, create awareness and award entrepreneurs with an integrated package of business support branded Executive Business Growth Program to assist beneficiaries achieve business growth.

The WISE CONNECTIONS International Conference is a direct response to address the core challenges identified after the research under the theme “Balancing Business, Management and Growth….“An October  TO REMEMBER, with a focus on leading, growing and celebrating Business Growth and Networks”.



The overall goal is to lead, grow and celebrate networks. The specific objectives of the 5th edition of the WISE CONNECTIONS International Conference are as follows;


  1. To identify, recruit and support 1,000 women entrepreneurs and business associations to access the Executive Business Growth Plan (E-BGP) as a path to business growth.
  2. To reward 100 women entrepreneurs with leadership skills.
  3. To launch and award the top ten women entrepreneurs and leaders in selected sectors , including agribusiness with a Coffee Table Book.
  4. To promote an enabling environment for institutional support for women and agribusiness in general.



Participants and partners will be targeted to identify opportunities, access  to markets, networks and productivity and (big market) for their businesses and to take bold steps to the next level.

  • It will provide a dual platform for quality training and service provision through Boot camps and personal development for corporate women leaders
  • SMEs Business Clinic for Growth-oriented business owners
  • Sign-up for business services and packages for 2013/14
  • Awards and recognition targeted at entrepreneurs, women and associations, corporate leaders etc.



AABN seeks to partner with lead corporate brand ,  media houses and other organizations for a successful WISE CONNECTIONS conference. Some of the media partners include Sunny FM, CEO Management, the Business and Financial Times, Graphic Communications and the Spectator.


Our main partners are selected banks , CEIBS/WELA, Sparrow production, Hadith Media, CCML, and United Success. Eden Tree, Home foods and FC Skin and beauty clinic are our SME partners.

The sponsorship package from our sponsors and partners is to raise 1000 cedi per  participant of the conference.



The resource persons of this edition of the WISE CONNECTIONS conference are renowned key personalities who have played key roles in agribusiness in Africa over the years. They include;

  • Mr Kofi Annan (Former UN Secretary General)
  • Ambassadors of South Africa, America and Israel.
  • Renowned Economists.
  • UnitedSucces  (A Global network) of Women
  • Certified Advisors in specific sectors e.g agribusiness, finance and marketing



Facilitators for this year’s conference will include;

  • Club 100 winners
  • Lecturers of lead business schools
  • Experts and volunteers from Corporate Ghana
  • Certified Business and Business Coaches
  • Successful Women Entrepreneurs



The award scheme for women entrepreneurs in agribusiness participating in the conference is a US$ 1,000 with a package of;

  • Participation in the conference.
  • Training
  • Executive Business  Growth Package & Support Services.
  • AABN membership for one year.
  • Documentation of their success stories.
  • Interview on radio for them to share their stories.
  • A discount on National Health Insurance Scheme for one year.
  • Promotional package for their business.



Business owners and associations who benefit from the one year package will have access to 365 days package worth $3,650 . discounted for sponsorship of $1,000 per beneficiary.  Beneficiaries have expressed the interest to contribute up to  GHC500 in cash or kind payable in instalments over the period. Brand 1,000 growth-oriented women owned business yearly and share in their successes, while growing your business and community .


Management Team

  • Technical Advisors to implement the E-BGP Mentors and coaches
  • A management team , led by the Director of the Innovation Centre to undertake  the training with a  team of Certified Business
  • A team of volunteers to provide documentation and hands-on ICT Support
  • Institutional mentors and technical committee to monitor and evaluate impact of program on the beneficiaries.

Lead Corporate partners are welcome to join and have branding and bragging rights for 2- 5 years .

Create visibility , gain new markets, grow  your business and profits.  Be socially responsible and support future markets ,  communities of women and families nationwide.

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